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Power Resume Templates and Resume Writing Techniques to Save You From the Employer's Trash Bin...

Warning - In case you don't already know it, your resume is the ultimate sales and marketing tool. Knowing how to create this one or two page document is a lifetime skill. And be sure that it's not necessarily your skills or experience that get you the job.

The following is a quotation from the Census Bureau after conducting a survey of 10 million job seekers in order to identify successful job hunting tactics:

8th February, TopResumeTemplates.Com Help Desk

Dear Jobseeker,

Ever been in a situation where you need a resume real fast for a crucial job application, but simply do not have the time to get it done in time? Or you don't have the time or the ability to format your resume to make it look attractive and appealing despite its good content? Or your resume content just simply does not seem to be appropriate or targeted for the job you are applying for?

Yes, sounds familiar. But it gets harder still...

You only have 5-10 seconds to impress!

You might be surprised to know that you only have between 5-10 seconds at the most to impress and be shortlisted. In those 5-10 seconds, it is not necessarily the most qualified person who will be put in the shortlist pile, but it is the one who is the best at being able to get noticed by his or her resume. This requires a combination of good content and attractive appearance.

It is an established fact that recruiters look for any reason to dismiss resumes as the first stage of processing the hundreds of resumes they often receive. If a resume does not impress at first glance, its going to get trashed.

Four Steps a Recruiter Takes to Trash Your Resume...

Having 200-300 resumes to analyse, a tight schedule, and probably working late, an employer's or recruiting manager's approach is to scan the huge pile quickly and look for any little reason to trash your resume. Learn how to avoid your resume being trashed and how to almost guarantee that it gets noticed and shortlisted.

The scenario described above of a recruiting manager or employer is fairly typical. With hundreds of resumes, little time, and the pressure of identifying the best person for the job, the strategy a recruiter takes is to first eliminate all those who show any little sign of being worthy of elimination. And the basis of that is your resume, highlighting the great importance attached to this one or two page document.

So what happens when the pile of 300 resumes are put in front of the recruitment manager? Well there are three main steps, which are taken to filter the pile. Filtering is needed to choose appropriate candidates for the interview stage. So those not worthy of being interviewed have their resumes trashed. Let's take a look at them one by one.

The First Stage: The 5-10 Second Glance

The recruitment manager is not going to spend minutes going through each resume to find what he is looking for. Rather, his first step is to spend at the most 10 seconds to take a quick glance at mainly the first page and the following page(s) if the first page interests him. So the process of elimination begins with the following:
  • Any resume which is longer than 3 pages will be trashed. This is generally the case, unless the employer requires a detailed career history. But most resumes are no longer than two pages. So the recruitment manager will not be bothered reading anything over 3 pages.

  • Any resume that does not have a profile, or objective or similar paragraph and an easy discernible list of skills on the front page will get trashed. The recruitment manager does not want to start scanning your resume to see if he can find where your skills and achievements are, or what you are qualified to do. You are supposed to present that to the recruitment manager using your career marketing tool, the resume.

  • Any resume which is written in long sentences and lengthy paragraphs and where a quick glance does not allow the identification of relevant information, such as skills and achievements will get trashed. The recruitment manager is not there to read essays or novels.

  • Any resume which is annoying. This is mainly due to bad formatting. Things such as using many different fonts and font sizes, cluttering the information with little white space, making it harder to read. Also the use of excessive underlining, bold and italics, in combination. All of these matters make the resume difficult to read and follow and annoys the recruitment manager.
By now the recruitment manager has gladly trashed 70% of all the pile and is left with around 80-90 resumes. Happy with the time he has saved, he or she can now spend a little more quality time scanning what remains.

The Second Stage: 10-15 Second Glance at the First Page

At this point, the recruitment manager is looking for what is specifically relevant. This requires a match between the skills required for the job and the skills and achievements presented by you. So without really looking at your or resume in too much detail, he simply wants to identify what have you got to offer and does it match his or her organisation's requirements. He or she will be looking to identify this on the first page and without having to try hard to locate this information. The match could be general or it could be specific. But because the recruitment manager is only interested in a general match, spending a relatively small amount of time (10-15 seconds) in gauging this, he will include resumes at this stage which will still be filtered later. By now there around 40 resumes that remain, about half from the first stage of filtering.

The Third Stage: Short Listing for the Interview Stage

Here the recruitment manager spends a little more time, and picks out those resumes that have a specific match, or a very close match to the job requirements, and these are considered potential candidates. Here, the method of the recruitment manager has changed from elimination of irrelevant resumes to picking out highly relevant and quality matches. So after this stage, about two-thirds of the remaining pile will be discarded and we have around 15 resumes that remain.

The Fourth Stage: Picking Candidates from the Short List

It is only at this point that the recruitment manager will now look in more detail and go beyond the first page of the resume to pick candidates from the short list. There are a number of factors that the recruitment manager will be focusing upon, however the two most important of them are:
  • What achievements has the candidate demonstrated from previous jobs

  • What makes the candidate stand out from the others

After looking at these factors, the final interview list will be prepared which can be less than 5 candidates. So, have you got a resume that will survive these four steps? The reality of the recruitment process shows that you need a targeted and focused resume that not only grabs attention by showing a skills match, but is also crafted, worded and formatted to give you an edge over other candidates.

This is indeed the typical selection process that takes place.

What Makes a Great Resume?

It is vital to not only grab attention with an attractive and eye-catching format, but also to please and satisfy the employer by providing appropriately written content that is targeted to the job. For most people this can be a daunting and worrying task, because it does require creativity and some specific know-how regarding the resume writing process.

Therefore, there are two key ingredients to a powerful and compelling resume. The right content, which has to be targeted for the job in question, and an attractive appearance which catches the eye. Don't be led to believe that just by having a great looking resume you will be successful. You must also have the appropriate content to be shortlisted for an interview.

Let's face it - employers know what they want in a job candidate. A visually attractive resume on its own is not going to win over the employer if you have failed to demonstrate that you are the best person for the job by writing appropriate content. This is why you need more than just wonderfully attractive templates.

The Most Common Problems Facing Jobseekers

  • They have a tight deadline to get the resume sent to the employer or recruiter

  • They do not have the technical knowledge to create visually attractive resume documents using Word and other word processors.

  • They do not know how to write in a style that is most suited to resume documents

  • They always use the most boring, run of the mill sentences that EVERYBODY else uses "duties included...", "was responsible for...", "tasks involved...", making them appear as nothing but robots in employment

  • They don't know what an "achievement statement" is - if the resume does not contain groups of these statements, say goodbye to the job because the competition will knock you out stone cold

  • They don't know the purpose of profiles and objectives

  • They confuse between profiles and objectives and career summaries and don't know what to put where

  • They don't realise that putting job titles (instead of skill headings) - something that 98% of jobseekers do - can severely damage their chances of success

  • They do not know formatting rules and how to use the correct degree or mix of font styles, bolding, underlining, highlighting and other formatting techniques

  • They are stuck for content! - In other words putting meaningful and appropriate material into the resume that is of direct interest to the employer

  • They don't appreciate the significance of the covering letter and how it can be used to an extremely great advantage
These are the most common problems facing Jobseekers, and there are many more. The fact is that the vast majority of jobseekers embark upon writing resumes without even the slightest of knowledge about the whole resume writing process. This is why often the most competent and qualified person for the job doesn't get it because he or she was a very poor marketer. And this is what the job seeking process is about - being a highly effective marketer using the resume document.

Well, worry no more...

This Resume Package, which includes a number of great additional bonuses, will solve your problems and help you to get to the interview. You can take the worry and frustration out of job applications by having a professional and eye-catching resume ready at all times. The templates are designed to be eye-catching, professional, easy to read, with plenty of white space to avoid clutter (something employers hate). There is also an element of psychology behind these templates in that they are based upon the natural eye-movement and scan-reading that is performed by those who browse resumes with a view to eliminate and select. Further, if you are new to writing resumes, some of the templates contain in-page instructions as to what you should write and where to write it and how to write it.

Thanks for letting me know. Thanks also to the whole team there, as I have now found a great job, due in no small way to the aid of the templates I purchased from you in November.

Warmest regards,
Alexander Miller
14 February 2005 17:38

Subject: Re: Interview Guide
Hi, Got the job today - first interview. ... went down really well - only one page long - perfect..

Leanne (Australia)
7th April 2005 13:01

Hello, I used one of your templates recently and it really impressed one of the recruiters I submitted my resume to. The templates are designed very well. I wasn't aware of many of the design and eye-movement issues behind writing a resume, and it seems that your templates have managed to bring together a perfect match between appearance, content value and readability. The variation in the templates allowed me to mix and match styles and titles to create a strong resume. I'd like to say thanks for a quality product!

Shuwaz Dar
12th December 2004

Resume Template Samples:

The Resume Template package is comprised of the documents detailed below. A number of different formats (chronological, functional (skills-based) and chrono-functional) have been used across the templates, allowing flexibility in resume writing approaches.

It doesn't matter if you are an engineer, an actor, a chef, a dancer, a mechanic or a secretary (or anything else for that matter). The basic underlying principles of effective resumes are the same for all disciplines. If you can understand the principles of writing killer resumes, you will be able to write resumes for any discipline.

The following are just some samples of the templates:







The templates are crisp, roomy, and are designed to let the most important parts of your resume to stare in the face of the employer. You can simply add your content and add additional titles or headings as you please.

My resume now looks more impressive than it ever has been.

Lata Chandy
5th March 2005

But How Many Templates Do You Need?

Yes, we are sure you have seen them as well... you can buy 50 templates, or 200 templates, and even 500 templates - for a cheap price. But lets be practical, are you going to spend all that time trying to figure out which of those hundreds of cheap samples you are going to use? We have decided to include no more than 12-15 quality templates in our package because this allows you to be focused. The templates contain a mixture of different format styles and are designed to stand out. You can choose something that is reasonably attractive from a visual standpoint and which will definitely catch the eye of the employer. And once the visual element is out of the way, you really need to focus on writing quality content and presenting it effectively..

Let us say this loud and clear...

Quality, Targeted Content is What Matters Most...

You need to really understand and remember the above statement.

You can have a brilliant flashy resume template, but if your content is not right, you will fail. For this reason, we are not interested in just dumping you with 50, 100 or even 500 templates, leaving you lost and wondering where to start! This would be very unscrupulous! We want you to know how to write high-quality targeted resumes.

You must have this knowledge if you want to succeed.

It is a proven and well-researched fact that it is the person who implements this knowledge best who will have the greatest chance of getting the job and not the necessarily person who is the most qualified (see the quote from the Census Bureau further down).

The Resume Package Benefits:

Power Templates designed to impress and save you from the trash bin!
Including Chronological and Skills-Based (Resume) Formats
Flexible formats allowing you to target jobs in different ways.
Clean, crisp designs, appealing to look at.
Suitable for all career levels, just edit and add your own custom headings.
Save hours and hours of valuable time!
Receive expert resume writing instructions and techniques with the additional bonus articles!
Learn how to write profiles that impress!
Learn how to write achievement statements that pack power!
Learn how to write covering letters that convince!
Learn how to deal with weaknesses on your resume!

Template Details

Each of the templates has a particular style and is designed to allow you to have the greatest flexibility in choosing what you want the employer to see first, or remember about you. The design has been kept clean and crisp, and you can lengthen the resume by adding your own titles and headings as you see fit. Whether you have an established career history, are changing career, or have skill sets that make you highly employable in your sector, you will find in these templates what will allow you to highlight all of that.

From: "Shuwaz Dar"
To: "resume.desk"
Subject: Re: Thanks for a quality product!
Update: Hey! I got the job! Only three weeks after I used the templates and the knowledge to create a highly targeted resume for my job area, I won the job. Not only that, I have been offered a higher paid job within the same organisation after three months of trial employment for the first job. I have been employed by IBM. One thing that I feel it is important to mention again is what the recruiter said to me about my resume, " stood out amongst all the others".

Shuwaz Dar
7th January 2005

Hello! Yesterday I did the first interview of my life. Regards.

N. Bombiti
19th November 2004

Thanks... I have prepared a great resume that caught the attention of my present employer

Agnieszka Wrzesien, Poland
4th March 2005

Now What About Your Content?

But what about the content for your resume...? Its all fair enough having a great looking resume, but, as the saying goes, "content is king". You need to know how to write good content.

You must have this knowledge if you want to succeed and beat off the competition.

The knowledge of how to write one's resume data is what separates the winners from the losers. This is a fact.

The following is a quotation from the Census Bureau after conducting a survey of 10 million job seekers in order to identify successful job hunting tactics:

"The skills that make a person employable are not so much the ones needed on the job as the ones needed to get the job, skills like the ability to find a job opening, complete an application, prepare a resume, and survive an interview."

The key is knowing how to effectively market yourself and to get yourself noticed. This requires a combination of good resume format and layout and of course effective presentation and writing of the actual content. Relevant and appropriate content is of utmost importance to your resume. Attractive templates are only a part of your success.

If you do not have quality content on your resume, you will fail!

Lets face it, most people are not expert resume writers. At best, you may be able to create an attractive resume template, but do you know how to write highly targeted resumes? Do you know the techniques and methods used by resume writing professionals that seem to produce results time and time again? The answer for most people is "No!". To give you complete and comprehensive help and to give you a competitive edge over your competitors, we are happy to share some of our expert knowledge and instruction in the following bonuses...

Great Additional Bonuses To Help You With Great Content

For a limited time only, you will receive the following great additional bonuses. The following articles give you expert instruction on how to write excellent profiles, powerful achievement statements, compelling covering letters and how to address any potential weaknesses you may have.


How To Write A Powerful Covering Letter To Win Interviews Every Time!

Most people forget that the covering letter is the introduction to the resume, and not the other way round. The covering letter has just as much importance and potential impact upon an employer's decision to interview, as the resume itself.
Your's Free!

The Key to Writing Effective and Attention Grabbing Profiles

A personal profile is short paragraph at the beginning of a resume summarising your main selling points. This part of a resume summarises the most important skills, knowledge, experience and aptitudes you have to offer a potential employer. Get it wrong and the recruiter will not even bother to read the rest of your resume. An extremely important and must have guide on how to write effective profiles.
Your's Free!

Gain a Strong Competitive Edge by Knowing How to Write Powerful Achievements on Your resume

In the recruitment process, there are several stages before the employer chooses a candidate. Before the final stage, which is the stage of interviewing, there are usually from 2 to up to 15-20 candidates who might be shortlisted. These candidates will have been shortlisted from a larger list because their resumes or resumes stood out and provided them with a competitive edge over other candidates.
Your's Free!

The Killer Technique of Strategically Embedding Keywords To Boost the Effectiveness of resumes

With the advancement of technology and the use of databases to store candidate resumes, employers are increasingly depending upon keywords to find suitable job candidates. The Internet has made the hiring process a lot easier for employers and recruiters who upon receiving resumes, simply dump them into their growing database. Keyword searching for relevant phrases or skills can then be performed to find an initial pool of prospects...
Your's Free!

Ten Covering Letter Templates Ready to Use!

Not sure how to start or end your covering letter! Or what to tell the employer? These templates are brief and concise with good opening statements and contain the ingredients of a good and powerful letter. The covering letters can be used by graduates, experienced professionals, and those applying for jobs through recruitment agencies. Using these templates and the additional knowledge in the excellent bonus article on writing cover templates (see BONUS! 1) you will be able to prepare VERY powerful cover letters to go with your resume.
Your's Free!

Power list of over 500 action words ordered into categories in alphabetical order.

You can use this list to make your resume "achievement oriented" - something that will make you stand out from all the other candidates. Most people fail to realise that where the applicants skils and qualifications are equal, it is the achievements that will make one person stand out over the others. Gain a head start by collecting and identifying all the power verbs to highlight your achievements.

A guide on how to deal with your weaknesses.

In short-listing for interview, some recruiters take the approach of looking for reasons not to select you for interview, as opposed to looking for reasons to select you. This is why identification of perceived weaknesses is important. So far as resume writing is concerned, you need to be aware of areas which a recruiter might regard as being a weakness that could have an adverse impact on the success of your application.

Five Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve Your resume

Once you have finished your resume, there is still much that can be done to improve it. In fact, your resume will always need constant updating and improvement. Here we discuss five simple techniques to bring dramatic changes to your resume, and to get you noticed.

Twelve Things You Do Not Want On Your resume!

As your resume forms the basis for your interview you should ensure that it only contains positive information about you. Some information about yourself may be left out of your resume and what follows is a suggestion of what type of information this could be.

What Type of resume Format To Use In Applying For A Job

Each basic resume format has its advantages and disadvantages. You must decide what works best for you in your particular circumstances. The pros and cons of each basic approach as outlined in this article should give you some guidance as to which approach may be more appropriate.

You've Got a Competitive Edge Over Most People!

The problem with most people is that when they are required to write a resume, as soon as they have any information, they start filling out their resume - without knowing that at best, this information is only raw data that needs to be revised and edited. Remember, it is not the person who is most qualified that will get the job, but the person who has the knowledge of how to write an attractive and compelling, highly-targeted resume. This requires knowledge of the techniques used by professional resume writers who are so successful at what they do. With the knowledge in the articles above, you will have a considerable advantage over most people in knowing how to transform raw resume data into a highly-efficient personal marketing tool, which is your resume.

It's an excellent step-by-step guide for creating concisely targeted and professional resume's.

John Deneen, USA
4th March 2005

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank your very much for the valuable tips... I learned lot and successfully obtained a fixed term contract with one of the [renowned] development organizations here in Nepal. More after further development.
Thank you very much.

Bishow Raj Bhatt.
21st November 2004

I am now in line for a top rate position with an international company. It worked for me. I had several calls to interviews after I followed the tutorial. Now I'm in line for an excellent position. Thanks

Nik Garnett
4th March 2005

...helped me complete a successful resume leading to a promotion into upper management of education. Thanks...

William Douglas
6th March 2005

E-Book With More Expert Instruction...

And there is more...

On top of receiving the great templates, covering letters, and the expert instructions in the bonus articles, you will also download our instructional Ebook guide on writing effective resumes. This should make sure you know exactly what you are doing and will give you the basic and proven methodology for creating highly-targeted resumes. If you follow the steps in this guide, and apply the knowledge in the bonus articles, you will definitely start seeing good results.

Excellent Guide On How to Write Resumes, "The Complete Resume Writing Guide - Create Killer Resumes That Impress"

In a clear and concise fashion, you will learn some of insider tips and techniques with which to create high impact and targeted resumes.

Structured in easy to follow steps, this 60 page guide will give you a proven methodology to write effective resumes.


Step 1: Knowing yourself
Your resume is your ultimate marketing tool. So it is important to know exactly what you are marketing and selling. It is vital that you have a thorough understanding of you skills, knowledge, experience and achievements. This understanding and knowledge is the repository from which you can pick qualities, skills and achievements to demonstrate that you have what it takes to fulfill the requirements of the job.

Step 2: The Four Types of Information Vital for Every Resume
In essence, this relates to what you have to offer, and this should be apparent from your skills audit. Almost every job requires a combination of four types of qualities or skills. For this reason you must ensure that in the way that you craft your resume, elements of these four types of qualities or skills must come across strongly...

Step 3: Knowing the Job
Knowing the job you want has two stages. Firstly, knowing the company, and secondly knowing what the job requires. It is important to know about the company because it provides an understanding of the context in which the job operates. For example, a position in a small privately owned business will require different skills and aptitudes to a similar position with the same job title in a large multi-national organization.

Step 4: Making the Match
Making the match is what it is all about. The match is between the skills required for the job and the skills you have to offer. Unless you can demonstrate a strong match in your resume, then you are unlikely to be picked for an interview.

Step 5: Putting it all Together
We have now reached the stage where you can start putting it all together. By this point you should have the groundwork in place to write a resume with the right content. The following are some of the main issues that should be considered when putting together your resume...

Step 6: Style and Presentation
When the employer or recruiting manager looks at your resume, it must generate interest and also be pleasing to look at. Not only does the content have to be relevant and targeted, the look and feel must also be right. You may have the best content, brilliantly written, but if your resume is not aesthetic and pleasing to look at, it might simply get rejected. There are three main issues regarding style and presentation...

Step 7: Review and Improvement
When you have put it all together and you have something to look at, there will always be room for improvement. You can use the following factors to review and improve your resume...

Step 8: Answering Key Questions To Make Your resume Impressive
Answering these questions will help you to present a clear, strong and more memorable image of your skills and achievements. Since the content of your resume determines its effectiveness, it is worth your while to really think about ways in which these questions relate to you. With these questions you will rewrite, improve and update the information gathered from your skills audit.

Step 9: How to Energise and Quantify Sentences
Learn how to create a better impact by using efficient sentence structure and content. Quantifying your experience with appropriate facts and figures helps to create a better impression.

Step 10: Using Job Titles And Skill Headings Effectively
The use of appropriate job titles or skill headings is a crucial part of the resume. These titles or headings are one of the major factors in your image projection to the employer. It is crucial therefore that you know and understand the impact that job titles can have on employers.

Step 11: Writing Outstanding Career Objectives
The career objective should be short and may consist of up to a few sentences. It should include two pieces of information. The position you are seeking and what experience or skills you possess that qualify you for this position.

Step 12: How to Deal with Gaps in Employment
To employers unfortunately, gaps in employment history can raise questions such as "This person has a problem", or "There might be something to hide here", "This person is not dedicated or serious" and so on. To remove any negative thoughts in the mind of the potential employer or hiring manager, you will need to address these gaps in your employment.

Step 13: Why is a Resume Rejected?
There are many reasons why your resume can be rejected. Some of the most common reasons are covered in this section. Make sure you avoid them!

Many hundreds of effective action words categorised into ten skills set areas.


You will have this goldmine of action words to energise your resume and make it "achievement-oriented" - the proven formula for winning resumes.
The key to getting noticed is to present yourself as an achiever. The idea behind a resume is to present the precise information to the employer that will lead him or her to think "I need you to do that for my business". This is why you must come across as an achiever. And this can only be done by using the right language!

Achievements have to be relevant and of interest to the employer or hiring manager. You might have single-handedly built your own garden shed, or you might have rewired your house's electrics, and felt a great sense of achievement, one that needs to be boasted about. This might be very impressive to you, but to an employer it is meaningless if they are looking for a sales manager or lab researcher.

The Interest in Achievements

Why are employers interested in achievements and how do we analyse what achievements will impress the employer? If we study some of the reasons why people are in business, we are left with strong indications.

Businesses want to enlargen their profits, they want to sell more goods or services, they want to acquire more customers, they want to fend off their competitors from gaining a larger market share, they want to cut costs and increase efficiency of operation, they want to develop their businesses into new markets, they want to offer better quality, and they want customers to be satisfied. These objectives drive companies and employers.

So any achievements that you write need to be focused upon supporting any of the objectives listed above. Businesses and industries from different sectors might have different objectives,and before proceeding to write achievement statements, one needs to have a good understanding as to why his potential employer is in business and what are the key objectives behind their organisation. Knowing this information, writing achievement statements is more effective. You can then choose the right action words to create concise, sharp and energetic sentences to present your achievements!

Interview Guide To Give You the Advantage...

And there is more...

It is also important that you polish your interview skills. A resume only gets you to the interview, it does not directly get you the job. After you have mastered the art of writing highly targeted resumes, you will be receiving interviews more frequently. To help you, we have written this special 60-page guide that contains all the information you need to know about interviews, interviewers, and the interview process. You wil be able to download this as part of your purchase.

“How To Win The Job You Interview For -- Without Making An Embarassment Of Yourself, Or Being Caught Out ByTricky Interview Questions”

-- Just released: By demand from our customers, a brand new bonus for our career package: The Complete Interview Guide - helps you to give a commanding performance and to win the job of your dreams... 60 pages of Interview Secrets...

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After you have won an interview using the knowledge and techniques you will need to prepare for the final hurdle... the interview. These are the ways in which you will benefit from this guide:
  • Know the intention behind every interview question so that you answer appropriately

  • Know how to research any employer

  • Know how a typical interview proceeds from beginning to end

  • Know how to prepare physically, mentally and practically for any interview

  • Know how to behave, speak, dress and sit during an interview - all with style

  • Know how not to behave, speak, dress and sit during an interview

  • Know how to listen to and answer questions intelligently

  • Know how to avoid common and easily made mistakes that destroy your chances

  • Know how to keep your nerves under control - a great life-skill in itself

  • Know to deal with all types of interviews such as phone, group, stress and panel interviews

  • Know how to end an interview in a diplomatic and professional way, no matter how it went

Equipped with the right knowledge, you can come out trumps in any job interview you attend - without sweaty palms, without a shaky voice, and without being stumped by trick interview questions.

You can master the most important job interview skills in a very short time by having the knowledge of job interview professionals at your finger-tips. You can know beforehand all the questions you could be asked.

Using this knowledge you could potentially multiply your chances of getting the job. It is even better if most of the other candidates do not know how to handle interviews. Your chances will multiply again.

The Complete Interview Guide is available to you immediately when you purchase the Career Package today. Some of the job-winning tips and techniques you will learn and implement:
  • The 5 things all interviewers want to know about you

  • Why knowing this will give you a great advantage in performing well

  • How knowing 4 simple facts will make you enter the interview with confidence and esteem

  • 7 quick facts about interviews to motivate you to "get into shape"

  • 5 ways in which you can be interviewed

  • The 2 steps involved in the methodology of preparing for an interview

  • How interviews are structured and the 6 areas about you which will be probed

  • The 6 skills areas the interviewer is determined to identify in you

  • How to present your skills areas using the 3A's approach - a great technique for presenting you as an achiever

  • The 7 types of questions interviewers will be asking

  • Why knowing these types of questions and the purpose behind them will result in your success

  • Why the employer looks not just at what you are saying, but also what you are not saying

  • The exact behaviour, physical and mental, you have to exhibit in the interview to avoid being sent home without a job

  • How to tackle stress and interview nerves

  • 6 selection methods used by employers

  • A list of over 200 questions that you can be asked in an interview including:

    • Warm up questions
    • Work history questions
    • Job performance questions
    • Education and training questions
    • Career goal and objective questions
    • Organization specific questions
    • Self-assessement questions
    • Decision-making questions
    • Motivation and leadership questions
    • Management, supervisory and conflict resolution questions
    • Communication skills questions
    • Stress and pressure question

  • Illegal questions that interviewers might ask and how to tackle them

  • The 4 types of interviewers you will be facing

  • Questions to ask the interviewer that will create a fantastic impression

  • 6 categories containing over 50 questions you can ask

  • Questions you should definitely not ask - or risk losing the job!

  • 4 great questions you should ask to extract valuable information about the nature of the job and the employer's organisation

  • 4 things you should not do an interview

  • 18 things that really irritate interviewers

  • 14 questions to help you review your performance

With our templates package and the great additional bonuses that instruct you how to write great content and make you stand out from the rest, you can be on your way to winning your desired job.

What Value Can You Put To Expert Guidance?

Dear Jobseeker, I am sure you know the value of expert guidance and instruction. It's not an exaggeration to say that in many circumstances it can be priceless. If you win a job as a result of acquiring the professional know-how to do so, then a small investment in acquiring immediate all-round guidance on how to win your dream job has got to be worth a fairly large equivalent of your salary.

Having a resume written can cost you from $200-$400 and even more! And that is just for one resume. If you had the knowledge to write highly targeted resumes - knowledge which you can use over and over again and apply to different situations and different sectors or industries - this has got be worth a large share of any eventual salary you receive as a result of your success!

The information, guidance, tips and techniques that you will receive represent many years of resume writing and careers consultancy experience. The total value of this combined expertise easily reaches thousands of pounds of consultancy and services given to a large number of job hunters and people making career shifts. Knowing how to market yourself by creating highly targeted resumes is a very important life skill - you can learn it all with this package.

If you act immediately, you can get all of this expert guidance for just $52.77 $27.77. If you landed a job as a result of the information and professional guidance in this package, lets say for only six months, then all you have invested is $0.15 per day. Now seriously, what can you buy for $0.15 per day?

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Our customers have had excellent success with our package which comprises great value. Numerous suggestions were made to provide pre-written content for certain industry sectors that can be directly inserted into a resume to add even further value to our package. We have added this new feature and are currently doing some market testing. Be warned that the price will be increasing by at least $20.00 very shortly as we are selling way too low for the amount of value being offered.

We have over 1000 skills headings and 1500 achievement sentences spanning many industries. This is an absolute goldmine of pre-written content for your resume! This is just a one time offer only, available only if you act immediately. You can have free access to five content areas of your choice - for generating great content for your resume. This means you have up to 200 ready made skill headings and up to 200 achievement sentences for your chosen industries. You can either directly copy and paste this data into your resume, or you can use it to give you some very clever ideas for your own sentences.

Try it out - click on the links below to launch the power skill headings and sentences (will open a pop-up window). You can select any heading or sets of sentences to create ready-made resume content. For demonstration purposes only, you will only see 5 entries for each industry.

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    Use power skill headings to highlight your competencies
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    Use stand out action words to present yourself as an achiever

Click on the links to the left to launch the new window. Click on the relevant headings or sentences to populate the text boxes to the left.
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"The skills that make a person employable are not so much the ones needed on the job as the ones needed to get the job, skills like the ability to find a job opening, complete an application, prepare a resume, and survive an interview."

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It was great, inspirational and uplifting to know how such small changes can improve one's resume. Thanks for the help guys.

Ian Sammons
11th February 2005

Dr. Amjad Rafiq, PhD (Essex)

P.S. You can start downloading in less than a minute from now.

P.P.S. You will have immediate access to the resume Templates, the Covering Letters, all the Bonus Articles, the resume Writing E-Book and the Interview E-Book. You will come to know the tips and techniques known only to resume Writing professionals and will definitely acquire a distinct advantage over other candidates with this knowledge...

P.P.P.S. We are always adding new bonuses and additional content to this excellent package. As a customer you will receive each and every addition we make totally free of charge! This includes new templates, instructional articles and other useful materials. We intend to make this site a complete careers development resource centre, and by purchasing today, you will have access to everything we will be adding in the future - the total value of which can easily be several hundred pounds, making your purchase today, a really great investment.

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